Backboons - Burnout in the group CD at Bengans Skivbutik AB (3907713)

Backboons - Burnout

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Facts Med rötterna i Dalarna är Backboons rock 'n' roll förkroppsligad. Sedan 2011 har de släppt tre uppskattade album som Sveriges bilburna publik har snurrat friskt i fordonen. Deras senaste album Hurricane från 2019 innehöll singlarna Looking For Love och Hurricane som de flesta som gillar äkta rock 'n' roll troligen har hört.
Nya albumet Burnout släpps 5 juni av Dalapop med distribution av Bengans. 8 låtar som kommer få dig att trycka pedalen i mattan.

With their roots in Dalarna, Sweden, Backboons is rock 'n' roll embodied. Since 2011 they have managed to put out three albums and toured numerous countries throughout Europe. Following a series of singles in 2018 and 2019 they released their latest album Hurricane, including songs like title track Hurricane and Looking For Love, in the summer of 2019, which certainly brought justice to it's name.
The new album Burnout will make you dance, jump, crack a cold one and even make you drive a little bit too fast.
Article number: DALACD10
Artist: Backboons
Barcode: 7320470249031
Distributor: Bengans TCB
Label: Dalapop
Media: CD
Release date: 2020-06-12
Units in packaging: 1
Year: 2020
  • 1. Take Me Out
  • 2. Burnout
  • 3. Piece Of My Heart
  • 4. Stay
  • 5. Devil In Heaven
  • 6. Get It
  • 7. When The Lights Are Low
  • 8. Ring Of Love