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Child - Shitegeist

Child - Shitegeist

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Facts CHILD was founded in 2015 by Albin Sköld and Alex Stjernfeldt. But it was not until 2021 that the band was completed with Jocke Lindström, Staffan Persson and Per Stålberg. They signed with Eat Heavy Records and started the recording of their debut album. The critically acclaimed "Meditations in Filth" was released early 2023. CHILD then signed to Suicide Records and recorded their second album Shitegeist" “ which will be released March 29th 2024.
Expect a furious mix of Grindcore, Crust punk, Death Metal and Noise Rock when CHILD goes for total, sonic annihilation of your senses!
"We are heading fast into the new dark ages. Man-made destruction of society, of eco systems, of the world as we know it. We ignore all warnings, as long as we can grow our wealth. The world leaders create chasms in society. Terror, hatred, war is the result of their polarisation. We are heading fast for annihilation… And maybe that’s for the best. Everything sucks. Everything’s fucked."

Article number: WOMDC18
Artist: Child
Barcode: 7320470269732
Distributor: Bengans TCB
Label: Suicide Records
Media: LP
Release date: 2024-03-29
Units in packaging: 1
  • 1. Shitegeist
  • 2. Mass Crowning
  • 3. Tin Foil Party People
  • 4. Time Island
  • 5. I Will Refuse (Featuring David
  • 6. Golden Chasms
  • 7. Creative Inventions Of Killing
  • 8. Shame[komma] Smite[komma] Subside
  • 9. Glowing Kids
  • 10. Welfare Collapse (Featuring
  • 11. Swiper
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