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Dahmers - Demons

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Facts Demons is 11 horror storys told by the Dahmers. The band takes the primitive energy of punk and mix it with Thin Lizzy guitars that strike like lightning. Add melodies that will stay in your head like a leech to your eye and lyrics that would make Dario Argento and George Romeros work sound like bedtime stories. Now your starting to understand what The Dahmers is all about, an ambitious band thats not afraid to throw all of their influences into the mix. Demons is previously released by Farsot Records and sold out. The album is now rereleased by Lövely Records the 6th of November.
"I could´t name a single track on "Demons" that falls out of the whole concept. It´s just one garagepunk-pearl after another" -OX Fanzine
Demons was recorded between 2012-2013 in "Last house on the left" and "Christoffers crypt" by band member Christoffer Karlsson. Artwork is made by band member Karl-Oskar Hansson and Pär Johansson. The Dahmers hails from Bromölla and have previously released a tape in 2011, a 7" single in 2012 a
Article number: LLY003CD
Artist: Dahmers
Barcode: 7340148110098
Distributor: Border Music
Label: Lövely Recor
Media: LP
Release date: 2016-02-01
Units in packaging: 1
Year: 2016
  • 1. Stalker
  • 2. Out Of Here
  • 3. Creepy Crawl
  • 4. Down On My Knees
  • 5. Dead
  • 6. I'm Going Insane
  • 7. Not Good Enough
  • 8. Way Back Home
  • 9. Dripping Blood
  • 10. Jeffrey
  • 11. With A Knife
  • 12. BOnus Tracks:
  • 13. The Ripper
  • 14. Hit 'N' Run
  • 15. Howling
  • 16. I Spit On Your Grave
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