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David Bowie - Spying Through A Keyhole

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Facts 4 x 7" set Tracklist

Spying Through A Key Whole (Demos and Unreleased Songs)
Single 1
Side 1
Mother Grey (demo)
This mid-tempo tale of a fledgling son fleeing the nest features multi-tracked vocals, guitars and harmonica from David.
Side 2
In The Heat Of The Morning (demo)
A well-known early Bowie song but presented here in demo form with final lyrics.

Single 2
Side 1
Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe (demo)
A charming demo from 1968 not to be confused with Threepenny Pierrot, a song performed by Bowie captured for posterity in the Scottish TV production of Pierrot In Turquoise early in 1970.
Side 2
Love All Around (demo)
A delightful love song from whence the title of this collection came: "I see a pop tune spying through a keyhole from the other room".

Single 3
Side 1
London Bye, Ta-Ta (demo)
An early demo version of the song with completely different lyrics in a couple of the verses compared to those of the later full band versions.
Side 2
Angel Angel Grubby Face (demo version 1)
The first and only previously known demo of this song.

Single 4
Side 1
1.Angel Angel Grubby Face (demo version 2)
A later version of the same song with alternative lyrics.
2. Space Oddity (demo excerpt)
The lyric and arrangement variations lend weight to the theory that this fragment is possibly the first ever recorded demo of one of Bowie's most famous songs.
Side 2
Space Oddity (demo) with John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
Originally conceived as a song for a duo to perform, this is the first known version to feature John 'Hutch' Hutchinson again with lyric and arrangement variations.
Article number: 0190295495084
Artist: David Bowie
Barcode: 0190295495084
Distributor: Warner Music
Label: Plg Uk Catal
Media: Singel
Release date: 2019-04-05
Units in packaging: 4
Year: 2019
  • 1. Mother Grey Demo
  • 2. In The Heat Of The Morning Demo
  • 3. Goodbye 3D Threepenny Joe Demo
  • 4. Love All Around Demo
  • 5. London Bye[komma] Ta-Ta Demo
  • 6. Angel Angel Grubby Face Demo Versio (N 1)
  • 7. Angel Angel Grubby Face Demo Versio (N 2)
  • 8. Space Oddity Demo Excerpt
  • 9. Space Oddity Demo