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Fia - Keeper Of The Keys in the group OUR PICKS / Friday Releases / Friday The 9th February 2024 at Bengans Skivbutik AB (5508437)
Fia - Keeper Of The Keys

Fia - Keeper Of The Keys

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Facts In a world that spins relentlessly faster and faster, Fia's upcoming album is the conscious brake that makes us stop and think once more - where are we going and why? Since her debut in 2016, Fia, raised in the Stockholm area but now living in Rättvik, Dalarna, has explored humanity's relationship to the physical - to the earth we live on - and the psychic - what makes us discover hidden layers and new paths to explore within ourselves.

On stripped-down albums, such as the debut "Made of Stars" (2016), she has enchanted listeners all over the world to the extent that she has no problem selling out concert halls in metropolises such as Amsterdam and London. At the same time, she is relatively obscure in relation to the contemporary Swedish music scene.

Fia's new album, "Keeper of the Keys" will be released 9 februari. Here we hear how Fia has left the stripped-down sound image and built a brand new one in collaboration with producer David Vesterman.
Article number: DALALP32
Artist: Fia
Barcode: 7320470260067
Distributor: Bengans
Label: Dalapop
Media: LP
Release: New Releases
Release date: 2024-02-09
Units in packaging: 1
  • 1. Roses & Apples
  • 2. Honeycomb Hexagon
  • 3. Liberation
  • 4. Gentle Heart[komma] Healing Hand
  • 5. Let Her Teach You
  • 6. Giving Thanks
  • 7. Mycelium
  • 8. Ancestors
  • 9. Two Little Doves
  • 10. Take Me Deeper
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