Hendrix Jimi The Experience - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (8-Lp V in the group Minishops / Jimi Hendrix at Bengans Skivbutik AB (2663995)

Hendrix Jimi The Experience - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (8-Lp V

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Article number:88697745541
Artist:Hendrix Jimi The Experience
Distributor:Sony Music
Label:Legacy Recor
Release date:2017-10-27
Units in packaging:8
  • 1. Hey Joe (Pye Studios[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] O (Ctober 1966)
  • 2. Purple Haze (Delane Lea Studios[komma] Lo (Ndon[komma] Uk[komma] January 11[komma] 1967)
  • 3. Title #3 (Olympic Studios[komma] London[komma] (Uk[komma] April 3[komma] 1967)
  • 4. Killing Floor (Live At The Olympia (Theater[komma] Paris[komma] France October 18[komma])
  • 5. Hey Joe (Live At The Olympia Theate (R[komma] Paris[komma] France October 18[komma] 1966)
  • 6. 3Rd Stone From The Sun (Delane Lea (Studios[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] January 11[komma]196)
  • 7. Foxey Lady (Cbs Studios[komma] London[komma] Uk ([komma] December 13[komma] 1966)
  • 8. Here He Comes (Lover Man) (Olympic (Studios[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] April 4[komma] 1967)
  • 9. Highway Chile (Olympic Studios[komma] Lon (Don[komma] Uk April 3[komma] 1967)
  • 10. If 6 Was 9 (Olympic Studios[komma] London ([komma] Uk[komma] May 4[komma] 1967)
  • 11. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Ba (Nd Live In Stockholm[komma] Sweden[komma] Sept)
  • 12. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (Live (In Stockholm[komma] Sweden[komma] September 5[komma])
  • 13. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (Live (At The Dee Time[komma] Lime Grove Studios)
  • 14. Little Wing (Olympic Studios[komma] Londo (N[komma] Uk[komma] October 25[komma] 1967)
  • 15. Rock Me Baby (Live At The Monterey (International Pop Festival[komma] Los Ang)
  • 16. Little Miss Lover (Olympic Studios[komma] (London[komma] Uk[komma] October 1[komma] 1967)
  • 17. Like A Rolling Stone (Live At The M (Onterey International Pop Festival[komma])
  • 18. Taking Care Of No Business (Olympic (Studios[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] May 4[komma]1967)
  • 19. Sweet Angel (Olympic Studios[komma] Londo (N[komma] Uk[komma] November 13[komma] 1967)
  • 20. The Wind Cries Mary (Live At The Ol (Ympia Theater[komma] Paris[komma] France[komma] Octob)
  • 21. Fire (Live At Clark University[komma] Wor (Cester[komma] Ma[komma] March 15[komma] 1968)
  • 22. Catfish Blues (Live At The Olympia (Theater[komma] Paris[komma] France[komma] October 19[komma])
  • 23. Somewhere (Sound Center[komma] New York[komma] (Ny[komma] March 1968)
  • 24. Bold As Love (Olympic Studios[komma] Lond (On[komma] Uk[komma] October 5[komma] 1967)
  • 25. (Have You Ever Been To) Electric La (Dyland Record Plant[komma] New York[komma] Ny[komma])
  • 26. Gypsy Eyes (Record Plant[komma] New York[komma] (Ny[komma] April[komma] 22[komma] 1968)
  • 27. Room Full Of Mirrors (Record Plant[komma] (New York[komma] Ny[komma] August 12[komma] 1968)
  • 28. Gloria (Ttg Studios[komma] Hollywood[komma] Ca[komma] (October 29[komma] 1968)
  • 29. Stone Free (Record Plant[komma] New York[komma] (Ny[komma] April[komma] 7[komma] 1969)
  • 30. It's Too Bad (Record Plant[komma] New Yor (K[komma] Ny[komma] February 11[komma] 1969)
  • 31. Spanish Castle Magic (Olympic Studi (Os[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] February 17[komma] 1969)
  • 32. Hear My Train A Comin' (Olympic Stu (Dios[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] February 17[komma] 1969)
  • 33. I Don't Live Today (Live At The Los (Angeles Forum[komma] Ca[komma] April 26[komma] 1969)
  • 34. Little Wing (Live At The Royal Albe (Rt Hall[komma] London[komma] Uk[komma] February 24[komma] 1)
  • 35. Red House (Live At The San Diego Sp (Orts Arena[komma] Ca[komma] May 25[komma] 1969)
  • 36. Room Full Of Mirrors (Record Plant[komma] (New York[komma] Ny[komma] April 21[komma] 1969)
  • 37. Star Spangled Banner
  • 38. Message To Love (Record Plant[komma] New (York[komma] Ny[komma] December 19[komma] 1969)
  • 39. Purple Haze (Live At The San Diego (Sports Arena[komma] Ca[komma] May 25[komma] 1969)
  • 40. Earth Blues (Record Plant[komma] New York ([komma] Ny[komma] December 19[komma] 1969)
  • 41. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live (At The Royal Albert Hall[komma] London[komma] U)
  • 42. Izabella (Hit Factory New York[komma] Ny[komma] (August 29[komma] 1969)
  • 43. Country Blues (Record Plant[komma] New Yo (Rk[komma] Ny[komma] January 23[komma] 1970)
  • 44. Freedom (Record Plant[komma] New York[komma] Ny ([komma] February 16[komma] 1970)
  • 45. Johnny B. Goode (Live At The Berkel (Ey Community Theater[komma] Berkeley[komma] Ca[komma])
  • 46. Astro Man (Record Plant[komma] New York[komma] (Ny[komma] January 21[komma] 1970)
  • 47. Lover Man (Live At The Electric Lad (Y Studios[komma] New York[komma] Ny[komma] July 20[komma] 1)
  • 48. Ezy Ryder (Record Plant[komma] New York[komma] (Ny[komma] December 18[komma] 1969)
  • 49. Blue Suede Shoes (Live At The Berke (Ley Community Theater[komma] Berkeley[komma] Ca)
  • 50. Come Down Hard On Me (Electric Lady (Studios[komma] New York[komma] Ny[komma] July 15[komma] 19)
  • 51. Hey Baby / In From The Storm (Live (In Maui[komma] Hawaii[komma] July 30[komma] 1970)
  • 52. Night Bird Flying (Electric Lady St (Udios[komma] New York[komma] Ny[komma] June 16[komma] 1970)
  • 53. All Along The Watchtower (Live At T (He Isle Of Wight[komma] England[komma] Uk[komma] Augu)
  • 54. In From The Storm (Live At The Isle (Of Wight[komma] England[komma] Uk[komma] August 30[komma])
  • 55. Slow Blues (Electric Lady Studios[komma] (New York[komma] Ny[komma] August 20[komma] 1970)
  • 56. Cherokee Mist (Electric Lady Studio (S[komma] New York[komma] Ny[komma] June 14[komma] 1970)