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Freddie Wadling

Seven years after his death, Freddie Wadling increasingly emerges as a unique figure in Swedish music history. From his early punk years with Liket Lever, The Leather Nun, and Cortex, through the 1980s with Blue For Two and Fläskkvartetten, to a broad public breakthrough with his solo album "En skiva till kaffet" at the turn of the millennium, Wadling was a musical chameleon, constantly moving towards the next idea. In the late 1990s, multi-instrumentalist Henrik Cederblom met Wadling while recording an album of John Dowland compositions with The Forge Players. Cederblom, a classical guitarist, performed a series of concerts with Wadling, in duo format. This marked the beginning of an extensive collaboration. The two regularly met in Wadling's garden to play songs they both enjoyed. There was no plan, no finished idea. The setting was unpretentious and spontaneous. It was all about the love of music and the material they both grew up with: Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart, King Crimson, and much more.

Between 2002 and 2006, Wadling and Cederblom recorded several of these songs in a studio in Gothenburg. Some songs were done only once, a spontaneous take without preparations, while others, like "The Bogus Man" (Roxy Music), "Life Of Surprises" (Prefab Sprout), and an early version of Wadling's own "Fade Away," were more regularly performed by the duo and thus had a more arranged character. What unites them all is the feeling of being in the moment, where music is created and happens. The recordings were initially intended for release, but other projects and albums intervened. Henrik Cederblom finally mixed an album version as a gift to Wadling on his 60th birthday in 2011, but since then, the songs have remained forgotten and unheard.

Finally, on May 31, 2024, "The Uni Dexter Melody Hour" will be released, comprising 12 selected tracks from the extensive material, remixed by Cederblom. The album will be released exclusively on vinyl through Knippla Records, as per one of Freddie Wadling's wishes - among other reasons, because no one was doing vinyl in 2002! However, on April 19, a digital preview consisting of three tracks will be released.

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