28 years ago a band was formed that would paint the map for the doom genres. And that's right. Gothic metal did not even exist as a music style before Stillborn released his debut album "Necrospirituals" in 1989. The album left an unforgettable track in the Swedish underground and influenced many legendary acts in the future, including Paradise Lost, Entombed and Cathedral. The combination of darkness and vodod as well as a gothic aesthetic, taken from the classic horror films, made Stillborn unique.

Flush until today and Stillborn is ready with a new long-awaited album in the same spirit as the classic debut album. "Nocturnals" was recorded and mixed at the Studio Juicy Halftone in Copenhagen by Henrik Stendahl. With a modern sound, Stillborn will welcome the old fans who have been waiting for new material for three decades, as well as attracting new ones. It is by far the same band we have always known for; Malicious, spooky and with a unique morbid twist.
The band itself says this about the new album:
"We thought the flame had fallen for a long time, but once more the sun explodes and a new day grows."

The album will be released as black standard vinyl, standard CD, limited CD (Coffin Box set with patch & metalpin, 500 copies) and limited white vinyl (500 copies).