Combs Andrew - Canyons Of My Mind in the group VINYL / Vinyl Americana at Bengans Skivbutik AB (2480795)

Combs Andrew - Canyons Of My Mind

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Facts Canyons of My Mind is, as its title suggests, a landscape where the personal & the pastoral converge. Drawing inspiration from the biographies of literary figures like Charles Wright & Jim Harrison, Combs has created an album that explores the notion of sustainability in its many facets - artistic, economic, spiritual, environmental. "When I set out to record 'All These Dreams', I had a distinct vision of what I wanted the record to sound like. It was a cocktail of the Roy Orbison, Glen Campbell, Nilsson vibes that you can hear right there on the surface," Combs says. "Canyons is much more personal. It's a testament to my acceptance of who I am as a man & who I am becoming." The quiet struggles & satisfactions of carving out an identity in a world gone wrong are palpable throughout the album. Whether questing through the labyrinth of his own spiritual yearning, (Heart of Wonder), recreating a rail rider's full-body sensation of freedom beneath an azure Montana sky (Rose Colored Blues), imagining a near-future
Article number:VJLP231
Artist:Combs Andrew
Distributor:Border Music
Label:Loose Music
Production of origin:Storbritannien
Release date:2017-04-07
Units in packaging:1
  • 1. Heart Of Wonder
  • 2. Sleepwalker
  • 3. Dirty Rain
  • 4. Hazel
  • 5. Rose Colored Blues
  • 6. Better Way
  • 7. Lauralee
  • 8. Blood Hunters
  • 9. Silk Flowers
  • 10. Bourgeios King
  • 11. What It Means To You