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Backyard Babies - Sliver And Gold (Ltd Bengans Clear) LP + CD

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Facts Ltd Bengans Clear Vinyl. Numbered, 300 copies.

30 Years of Rock And Roll! Three years after "Four By Four", Backyard Babies are celebrating their 30th anniversary with their newest album "Sliver & Gold". With an incredibly organic sounding production, Backyard Babies demonstrate that they definitely have not lost their grit and feel for amazing songwriting over the years. With moments ranging from more expressive songs like the ballad "Laugh Now Cry Later" to upbeat party anthems like "Bad Seeds" this album takes you on a journey through the most intense album the band has ever produced.
To celebrate three decades of Backyard Babies, Century Media is releasing a special edition vinyl & digipack including five newly recorded acoustic versions of songs as bonus tracks.

Article number: 19075930521
Artist: Backyard Babies
Barcode: 0190759305218
Distributor: Sony Music
Label: Century Media/Bengans
Media: LP+CD
Production of origin: Sverige
Release date: 2019-03-01
Units in packaging: 2
Year: 2019
  • 1. Good Morning Midnight (02:59)
  • 2. Simple Being Sold (02:50)
  • 3. Shovin' Rocks (03:21)
  • 4. Ragged Flag (03:21)
  • 5. Yes To All No (03:09)
  • 6. Bad Seeds (03:49)
  • 7. 44 Undead (03:24)
  • 8. Sliver And Gold (03:14)
  • 9. Day Late In My Dollar Shorts (02:46)
  • 10. Laugh Now Cry Later (06:18)