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Hardcore Superstar - Hcss

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It all started when a fan gave Martin a copy of a demo we recorded back in -94. We all got very surprised about the great vibe and how good we sounded that early. The tracks were litteraly drenched in sweat, excitement and inspiration. So when it was time for us to start working on songs for our new album we returned to those demos and relearned those old riffs and by that got inspired for all the new stuff that we came up with.

Basically - to reinvent ourselves we had to go back to the summer of -94 when we first started this band
and through that get in contact with the feeling and the vibe that inspired us in the first place.
Article number: 88875074722
Artist: Hardcore Superstar
Barcode: 0888750747228
Distributor: Border Music
Label: Gain
Media: CD
Production of origin: Sverige
Release date: 2015-04-22
Units in packaging: 1
Year: 2015
  • 1. Don't Mean Shit
  • 2. Party 'Til I'm Gone
  • 3. The Cemetery
  • 4. Off With Their Heads
  • 5. Fly
  • 6. The Ocean
  • 7. Touch The Sky
  • 8. Growing Old
  • 9. Glue
  • 10. Messed Up For Sure